Watch Star Wars The Clone Wars TV Series Anywhere On Your Laptop Or PC


The Clone Wars TV series is a 3D CGI animated series developed by Lucasfilm Animation. The series is set in the time during Star Wars Episode II: Clone Wars where an army of Storm Troopers were cloned and sent to battle for the Empire against the Separatists led by Count Dooku.

The Clone Wars TV series creator George Lucas revealed that it will consists of 100 episodes with Dave Filoni, who worked on Avatar: The Last Airbender, as the supervising director. The series will kick off on August 15 2008 with The Clone Wars film which will be the first animated Star Wars film to be featured in cinemas worldwide. Here is a list of some of the characters you will find in the series:

1. Anakin Skywalker (But of course!)

2. Obiwan Kenobi (My favorite character)

3. Padme Amidala

4. Master Yoda

5. Master Windu

6. Count Dooku (Also known as Darth Tyranus) and more.

Star Wars fans who are eagerly waiting for this series will be glad to know that you can watch the show either at home or on your PC or laptop.

The best way to catch the series on your PC is by using satellite tv software. This software streams live satellite tv channels directly to your PC or laptop using internet connection. It features over 3000 channels ranging from sports, news, cartoon to movies channels. Another benefit of watching shows using satellite tv software is that you can watch live tv anywhere with an internet connection. With the current internet technology like wireless internet as well as internet through 3G, you can practically catch your favorite shows anywhere you want. The best thing about satellite tv software is that users only pay once for the software and that’s all they will ever need to pay. No monthly subscription like your regular cable tv and no pay-per-view fees. Furthermore, a good software will cost you no more than $50.

George Tho is a fan of Star Wars and is anticipating the release of The Clone Wars TV series. Read his review on one of the best software to catch live tv shows here.


Seiko Watches – Men’s Le Grand Sport Titanium Watch Model Seiko SLC033 Review


If you are looking for a real lightweight, feature rich, beautiful and classy looking watch for daily wear then you should have a look at Seiko SLC033 from Seiko watches. This men’s Le grand sport titanium watch is just appropriately sized for majority of the men’s wrist. The watch has very classy sophisticated look and it’s surely not too garish or loud. It certainly is the one of the best buy watches in the market for it’s reasonable price and pretty descent features. It has all the features you would expect from your wrist watch.

This particular men’s watch from Seiko watches comes from vaunted Le Grand Sport series. The series is known for its diverse and fine selection of watches, this series manages to take a sporty style and make it with a classic look. The SLC033 foremost is a titanium watch. The benefit here is that you’re getting a lighter material but also stronger than a typical stainless steel case and bracelet. Having owned both stainless steel and titanium bands in the past I can confidently say that you will notice the titanium bands being not as heavy on the wrist as opposed to the stainless steel.

The titanium finish also gives the watch a sleeker and darker polished look. We need not talk about Seiko watches and their reputation here. The company is well known for many years and is a name that you knew you can trust without hesitation when it came to fine watches. Complimenting the titanium and polished look is the solid charcoal dial. You can see an additional feature at the three o clock position on the dial, as there is a date window for the calendar function. With a water resistance of 50 meters the Seiko SLC033 is truly a versatile watch. The watch has atomic time that means you do not need to set the time in watch except when you want to change the time zone. The watch will keep precise & accurate time on it’s own.

With both style and strength in mind, the Seiko Le Grand Sport Titanium Men’s Watch does not fail to deliver your expectations and instead succeeds rather nicely. The USP of this watch certainly is it’s price tag and the features. However, there are slight negatives about this watch. The watch has a very fine polish and is more likely to get scratches on it’s face. So you have to handle this watch with real good care in order to save it from any scratches. Also the self illuminating hands are very useful many of the times but can also takes away the superb classy look from this watch to some extent.

Overall a very good watch for the price you pay. If you are in the market to buy a men’s watch you must consider Seiko SLC033.


Would You Like To Download A TV Series?


The internet has given us the ability to purchase so many things. From books, novelty items, electronic gadgets, music and even to videos, these can be purchased online. You’re not even limited to this country alone; you can go as far as Asia if you want to order in bulk or just something in retail as long as you have the money to pay for it.

One of the easiest things to purchase online are movies. You don’t need to pay for the shipping fee since it will be downloaded directly to your computer. The list of movies is virtually unlimited; you can watch any movies produced in any year. Even the lesser known movies are on the catalog in most of the movie sites that offer pay per download.

But these sites are not only limited to movies alone. These sites also feature TV series. As easy as you can download movies, it’s also easy to download TV series that you always liked. For people on the go, the ability to download these series and watch them at our own convenience is heaven sent.

When we have the ability to download TV series, we’ll be able to watch them anytime and how many times that we want. This advantage has been realized long ago, even before TiVo was introduced to the general public. Instead of letting your TiVo all the work of recording your favorite show or if you don’t have TiVo at your home, you can just go online and watch the show that you like anytime. After you download the series, you can just burn them and watch them with your friends in your very own home theater.

Now, it has even been made more convenient. There are lots of TV fanatics right now that are so busy they can’t just sit down in front of the TV to watch their favorite series. It’s now changed because of the PMPs (portable media players) that we can bring where ever we go. Instead of burning to DVDs after we download TV series, you can transfer the TV series to your iPod or any other media players that you can bring anywhere. While traveling you can catch up on the shows that you missed or even in your break time you can watch an episode or two.

With the ability to download TV series directly from video sites, it’s practically impossible to miss any single episode of your favorite TV series.


Top 10 Sexiest TV Series


American TV Series are often loaded with sex scenes, and the production seems to try to squeeze in at least 5 sexual scenes in each episode. And people love it. In the following few posts, I will present to you our Top 10 of America’s sexiest TV Series.

Sex in the City

Showcased for the first time on HBO in 1998, this glamour TV show brings to us the ups and downs of 4 New York single girlfriends, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte & Miranda. Each is either looking for sex, love or to found a family. A great series that treats sexuality with a nice touch of humor.

Sex and the City – Movie Trailer on YouTube


Californication is for men what Sex in the City is for women. In this series full of sex, drugs and alcohol, Hank Moody (David Duchovny) has sex as often as he can. Beautiful women, young girls, bottles of wine, whisky, joints… nothing is left out by this forty-some artist still broken hearted by his muse.

For a glimpse, search for Californication – Trailer on YouTube

The L World

The L World is the first series exclusively dedicated to lesbian sexuality. The explicit “women on women” sex scenes have as a goal to break taboos. Jenny, a young student in search of love moves in with her future husband, Tim, but ends up falling under Marina’s charm, a Latina sex bomb. This is the beginning of tons of questioning and loads of hot nights in L.A. where ladies have sex in public washrooms and all…

For a glimpse, search for The L Word: Season 5 Coming in 2008 on YouTube

Desperate Housewifes

What kind of life do women have in an uptown suburbia of the States? At Wisteria Lane, women face infidelity, relationship issues, seduction, crime, suspense, and more. Behind her perfect appearance, Bree hides a complex personality. Gabrielle, ex-fashion model is scared of routine and therefore alternates between expensive shopping sprees and extramarital relationships. Lynette tries to manage both her professional life and big family, while Susan always finds a way to make her chaotic love life even more complicated. And finally, Edie seems to love creating conflicts. An amusing and sexy portrait of typical house wives that was a great success.

For a glimpse, search for Everything You Need to Know About Desperate Housewives on YouTube

Tell me you love me

In Tell Me You Love Me, three couples in therapy have the most realistic sexual relationships ever seen on American TV. So realistic that everybody wonders is they really did it or not. They claim that aside from masturbation and fellatio, it was all an enactment, but the rumor keeps contributing to its success. Dr May Foster, a marriage counselor, meets the couples which she tries to assist. Dave & Katie, in their forties, no longer have sex. Carolyn & Palek, in their thirties, want a kid but the pressure is too high for Carolyn. And finally, Jamie & Hugo, engaged, must face infidelity. Between sexuality & psychology, this is one of the most realistic series.

For a glimpse, search for Tell Me You Love Me: Episode 2 Trailer on YouTube


This trashy series relates the life of Lucy Spiller, heartless chief editor of two gossip & scandals newspapers. Far away from her role in Friends, Courtney Cox shocks the public who watches her having intercourse with a sex toy. Not only does she play the first role in this series, she also assists her husband, David Arquette, in the production of this sexy series.

For a glimpse, search for Dirt Trailer Promo on YouTube

Nip Tuck

In this trashy series, we see two plastic surgeons in their professional environment, but also in their colorful intimate lives… loaded with incest, rape, bisexuality, Tran sexuality and sadomasochism. With the arrival of Portia De Rossi next season, where she will have a savage relationship with another woman, the public will be again pleased with a series that explores the physical & moral boundaries of human sexuality.

For a glimpse, search for Nip/Tuck Season 1 Promo on YouTube

Big Love

Co-produced by Tom Hanks, this series is one of America’s Top 5 most watched TV shows. Full of family drama, it talks about Bill Henrickson, a polygamous Mormon from Salt Lake City, and that maintains relationships with 3 wives and 7 kids!

For a glimpse, search for Big Love – Season 2 Promo on YouTube


This British “new generation teenage series” treats about sex, drugs, bulimia, religion, homosexuality and teenage despair. Written by teens for teens, it was an instant success. These youngsters have three things in mind: sex, sex and … sex. There is the good-looking guy, the Muslim, the gay, the anorexic, the virgin, and a night-clubber in love of his teacher. What they have in common? Their frustration. Dramatic and touching.

For a glimpse, search for Skins season 2 [OFFICIAL TRAILER] on YouTube

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is about the day to day life of three teenagers who live in a love triangle. Both raised separately in One Tree Hill in South Carolina, Lucas & Nathan, two half-brothers find become rivals, not only on the basketball court, but also to win the hearth of Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton). This superficial series talks about love stories more than it does sex though. Dedicated to teenage only.

For a glimpse, search for One Tree Hill trailer – The Choice on YouTube


Why Watching a Television Series on DVD and Blu-Ray is Better Than on TV


An increasing number of Television series along with sitcoms are currently being released on DVD. More and more a increasing number of individuals are choosing to relish their favorite shows on DVD and it’s no mystery why. Your favorite TV series is more enjoyable on DVD and Blu-ray! Here’s why:

  1. No commercials! Enjoy your favorite series without being interrupted. You spend almost Thirty percent of your viewing time enduring commercials, which currently occupy almost 18 minutes of every prime time hour. For a typical 20-episode 1-hour  series , that’s a whopping 6 hours saved by  watching  on DVD. In addition, you’ll no longer have to subject yourself to those annoying advertisements flashing or dancing at the bottom of the screen that many networks like to put on through a display. And you might be taken aback to realize that watching a syndicated show means even more commercials, and they appear at the price of the original show, which is cut to allow for additional commercial time. You will not experience this predicament on DVD which preserves the original full length of the show
  2.  Watching  a  series  on DVD gives you total control of your viewing experience. No holding out for a commercial to be able to go grab more snacks from the kitchen. You can pause and continue your favorite episode whenever you would like without stressing about missing an important scene. If you do not have time to complete an episode in 1 sitting, most DVD and Blu-ray players are able to recall where you stopped and allow you to resume where you left off the subsequent occasion you view it.
  3. Having all of the episodes on DVD and Blu-ray allows you to watch a show at your personal pace. Watch an episode a evening or view the entire season in one go. If there’s a cliffhanger and you are positively dying to know what takes place next, you only need endure a wait if you decide.
  4. TV on DVD and Blu-ray looks and sounds far better. In numerous cases, they have been remastered, cleaned up and the final results are stunning. You can see your favorite TV series like you have never seen them before.
  5. In addition to viewing anytime you would like, you can view a show on DVD wherever you would like. Pop it into your notebook computer and watch on the plane or enjoy it on your Television as you lay in your bed.
  6. Many of us have a favorite episode of a  series  — the one we can  watch  over and over again, without getting tired of it. Owning the display on DVD and Blu-ray means you don’t have to jump through the channels in hope of seeing that special rerun of your favorite episode.
  7. See what you haven’t seen. DVD special features or extras, including interviews, commentary, alternate endings, deleted scenes and previously unaired episodes you will not see on TV.
  8. Enjoy what you have missed. So maybe you never did have an opportunity to watch “Felicity,” “Dallas” or “Gilligan’s Island.” DVD gives you a second chance to appreciate those long-gone series.
  9. Enjoy even more entertainment per dollar. Buy a movie, enjoy approximately 2 hours of video. Purchase a Television series, enjoy double or triple that amount. TV on DVD and Blu-ray delivers a superior entertainment value.

Whether it’s a long-lost favorite Television line, one you had missed, or one you have seen dozens of times, TV on DVD and Blu-ray affords a new way for you to enjoy the best Television programming, on your terms, and with the best quality possible.