Should You Watch Satellite TV Online?


Many people are curious about why so many TV viewers watch satellite TV online. TV has traditionally been displayed from the square box in our living rooms or bedrooms. It wasn’t until the recent one or two years that TV stepped into our study, or specifically to our monitors. Computers and internet were meant for surfing then. But things have changed quite a bit since satellite TV first appeared online. Perhaps we should take a harder look at this whole idea to watch satellite TV online.

People watch satellite TV online with satellite TV software. It is hardly a secret that most Americans are TV addicts. To be fair, many folks all over the globe especially in developed countries all watch a great deal of TV. And for those who do not have the luxury of enjoying cable TV has the only choice of watching satellite TV. Now, as more and more people get hold of internet access and as computer ownership climbs higher each day, it is not difficult to guess where the future of watching satellite TV on the internet would be. It is very likely that the number of people who use PC satellite TV software to watch satellite TV online would increase, perhaps even exponentially.

Why are people so keen to watch satellite TV online?

1. Convenience

It is so easy to get hold of the PC satellite TV software to watch satellite TV online. It can be found at several PC satellite TV software download sites. Once you are done with your payment online, you can download the software instantly onto your computer. The installation of the software is fast and simple to handle for most people. As long as you know how to surf the net, you know how to install the software.

2. Variety of TV Programs

People watch satellite TV online because they love the variety of TV programs they can find on the internet. It is not far-fetched to say that you can practically find thousands of satellite TV channels online. They are free to watch but the question is where do you find these channels. These are not lousy channels without quality. We are talking about LIVE sports channels for soccer, golf, tennis, windsurfing, etc and other programs like world news.

3. User Interface For Channel Management

Having thousands of TV programs available for you to watch satellite TV online is a great thing. But it then becomes so important that you can easily locate each channel without going through heaps of links. The interface provided must be so user-friendly and channel management so easy that everyone can really enjoy their TV viewing experience.

4. Low Cost

TV entertainment is a commodity in the commercial world. While you want to watch satellite TV online, you as a consumer naturally want to do so without blowing budgets. You may have been subscribing monthly for TV services but thought it would be good if there is a cheaper option. To watch satellite TV online, all it takes is using the PC satellite TV software. Such software does not carry a monthly subscription price tag. Rather, they can be bought for a one-time price and after that, you own the license to watch satellite TV on the internet for as long as you want.

If you are keen to   watch  satellite TV online, find out more through my satellite TV mini-series about this amazing software to  watch  satellite TV online.


A New TV Series – 3 Reasons Why They’re Addicting


A new TV series on popular television listings and networks have become increasingly addicting in the past few years. Many of these shows captivate target audiences by telling them stories of a life that viewers admire. These shows also show their addicting side by displaying a vibrant world economic be depicted on modern television.

Some shows like Weeds, portray a practical scenario where a mother has to sell marijuana in order to support for her family. Another hit series such as Dexter, is a great way to demonstrate cinematic vibrance by portraying a serial killer in a sunny, upbeat, Miami scenario. These shows display why there are so many viewers at any given time when the shows are airing live.

The top 3 reasons people become addicted to a new TV series can be described in the following.

1) The Cliffhangers.

The cliffhangers that these shows have to offer leads the TV show viewer in constant suspense. Whether it is a killer about to kill someone, or a relationship gone bad, one hour can pass by before you know it, and before the viewer knows it, they have to wait one week for the continuation of the series.

2) Modern TV technology.

With the advent of better special effects, video editing, and sound editing, TV shows are becoming more popular because the audience is more engaged. When attention to detail is carefully looked after with modern technology, the two can work in harmony with one another to further engage the viewer. Clouds look more fluffy, wind sounds more whispering, and skin tones look much more accurate than ever before. If you enhance this with high-definition, this is a viewing experience made in heaven.

3) Character development.

When   watching  a popular TV  series  through all its seasons, audiences become addicted to the character. As viewers have spent so much time with the TV show, the consequently become attached to their favorite characters. This is because the involvement and continuation of  watching  your favorite TV  series  is a relationship of sorts. You to learn, understand, and appreciate all the subtle mannerisms of the character and all the experiences you share with them.

One can see how today’s modern TV technology coupled with character development and the ability to write a good story can captivate audiences. These audiences will eventually become more involved, and will be more likely to engage the DVD box set, collectors editions and create subscriptions that update viewers on when a new season of their favorite TV series has been released.


What To Look for in the 2011 World Series


This year’s World Series is going to be pretty good. The Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals will face each other in the Fall Classic. Of the eight teams that made it the postseason, Texas was the only one to make it back to both the Division Championship Series and the World Series. There will be a new World Series Champion this year: the reigning champion San Francisco Giants, despite injuries and a few players whose production fell off this season, finished with an 86-76 record, second place in the National League West, but eight games behind the Arizona Diamondbacks and four games back in the Wild Card Contention. For those who missed out on the playoffs, here is a brief synopsis on how both teams made it to the World Series:

Texas Rangers:

After a brief setback in August, the Rangers were able to fend off the Los Angeles Angels to win the American League West Division for the second straight year. In the Wild Card Series, after losing the first game, Texas won three straight games to get by a very competitive Tampa Bay Rays ( a team that lost a bunch of players through free agency and trades in the off-season, yet Tampa made a serious charge in September to catch up and take away the Wild Card from the fading Boston Red Sox.) In the American League Championship Series, the Rangers defeated the evenly matched Detroit Tigers in 6 games ( Detroit, who won their first division title since 1987, has a really good team and it’s great to see the club bring a spark to a city that has experienced some hard economic times.)

St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals are a team that no one thought would have a winning record this season, let alone made it to the postseason. In June, the Cardinals was in first place in the National League Central, by the end of July, the Milwaukee Brewers took over the top spot after St. Louis started to fade away. On September 1, the Cardinals was 9 games out of the Wild Card, but slowly, the team start winning games, eventually catch and take the playoff spot from the Atlanta Braves ( as a Braves fan, it was tough to watch my team lose the wild card spot!) In the first round, the Cardinals did the impossible, beat the Philadelphia Phillies, a team with the best record in Major League Baseball and the odds on favorite to win the World Series Title. In the National League Championship Series, St.Louis was able to defeat the young and upstart Brewers in 6 games ( Milwaukee has a great team and it would be messed up if All-Star slugger Prince Fielder, a free agent, decided to leave the team.)

The World Series


The Rangers are making their second straight trip to the World Series. Last year was a series of firsts for Texas: the 1st time they won a playoff series; the 1st time; the 1st time they won an American League Pennant; the 1st time they played in the World Series. However, when Texas made it to the World Series, it looked like the team used up all its energy in getting through the first two rounds and San Francisco preceded to win the title in 5 games. This time, the Rangers, led by Ron Washington (my choice for Manager of the Year, enough through Jim Leyland had a great year as the skipper for Detroit Tigers) want redemption and win their very first World Series title. By the way, the Rangers are the first American League team to make back to back appearance in the World Series since the New York Yankees (1998-2001) and the first team since the Oakland Athletics (1988-89) to make it back to the Fall Classic after losing the Series a year earlier. The manager of that great Oakland Athletics team was…

St. Louis

…Tony La Russa, the current manager of the Cardinals. St. Louis is making its 18th World Series appearance and their third one since 2006, the year that they won it all against Detroit. Also, the Cardinals are looking for its 11th World Series Championship, the most in National League history and second overall, the New York Yankees hold the top spot at 27 titles. St. Louis has been on a roll since early September, taken teams apart in their path and if they don’t win the title, it will be a huge disappointment.


It’s going to be a fun and interesting World   Series  to  watch . Just because the marquee teams are not in it this year (New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies etc.) doesn’t mean that people should not tune in. Whatever you are a big or casual baseball fan, you have to  watch  this year’s World  Series .


TX 530 Series World Timer Airport Lounge


The TX brand has its origin in Germany and was developed 5 years ago, becoming a popular watch company, highly appreciated by the TX watch lovers. The young company is defined by the innovative technology that operates inside the TX watches, the quartz movement, a highly advance movement use by the German engineers providing an extraordinary precision and functionality to every timepiece that represents this brand.

TX watches present a flexible technology inside containing fours motors each one functioning independently, combine on the outside with a luxury design that comes in a very large number of styles, from the very sporty range to the sophisticated and elegant one. The best feature of the TX watches is the remarkable high quality found behind the design and production of each watch, making them unique in their style and exceptional performance.

The remarkable combination of the American innovation, Italian style and German technological performance has lead to the beautiful creation of the TX watch series, an extremely fashionable and dynamic timepieces highly appreciated by the world’s adventurers.

A particularly impressive timepiece from the TX watch series is the TX 530 World Timer Airport Lounge watch a combination of sophisticated design made from the highest quality materials and unique technological performance.

The dynamic and powerful appearance of this quality timepiece is given by the perfect shaped case manufactured from a stainless steel material and available in silver or rose gold. The watch case houses an innovative globe surface dial, specially designed for adventure enthusiasts, revealing its wearer the time and season information for 24 world zones. Aside from these useful features the timepiece includes a date display window at 6 o’clock and luminescent indices and hands giving the dial a perfect legibility.

With a simple push on a button this modern and impressive timekeeper captures the precise time from different locations allowing the world traveler to adapt quickly to these time zones: Azores, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, La Paz, New York, Mexico, Denver, Los Angeles, Alaska, Honolulu, Midway, Auckland, Noumea, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bhaka, Karachi, Dubai, Moscow, Athens, Paris and London.

The unique performance of the TX 530 World Timer Airport Lounge watch is achieved by the quartz movement that animates this exceptional stylish timepiece giving it an optimum timekeeping precision.

Highly defined by accuracy, functionality and quality this extremely sophisticated TX 530 Series World Timer Airport Lounge is water resistant at 50 meters and is expected to cost between $480.00 and $560.00.


Writing a TV Series


Writing a TV series requires a specific set of skills. A TV series is a set of related episodes that are aired by networks wishing to keep the interest of the audience aflame. These consecutive episodes are called by different names in different countries. It is customary to call them television season or just season in North America and as series in United Kingdom and a few other countries. A show’s season typically consists of 12-26 episodes broadcast at pre-defined intervals. The duration of each episode varies from half an hour to an hour, which of course making allowances for the commercial breaks. A single episode is also referred to as “show” or “program”. By virtue of their structure, TV series are written by authors with the appropriate knack, knowledge, and experience.

Writing a TV series is challenging, and years of toil and sweat go into crafting a series that appeals to the masses and keeps them hooked from the first episode to the last. As the episodes unfold, the viewers’ excitement should also grow, reaching a crescendo as the series draw to a close. The audience should develop an addiction for it so much so that they keenly await the next part with abated breaths. The writers are required to provide a smooth transition between the different episodes just as much as between the different acts of the same episode. This is done to keep the viewers from switching between channels or giving up the series altogether. The beauty of writing a TV series lies in its indicative of a feeling of continuity. The audience should be able to understand the story even if they happen to miss a few episodes.

Before you set off to writing a TV series, decide the genre that you would like to tackle. It should be something about which you have previous knowledge or feel passionate about. Watch a lot of television and observe what kind of series is rated the highest and why. Keep jotting down notes about the positive and negative aspects of the popular series, and remember to implement or avoid them when you embark on your own journey of writing a series. Go through the scripts of various series to get the ‘feel’ of how to write. Study books and websites that teach the format, style, and other intricacies involved in writing a TV series.

While writing a TV series, have your concept clearly in mind and work towards it without going on tangents. It is important to maintain the idiosyncrasies of characters throughout. Their style of delivering the dialogues and the way they dress and act should flow smoothly. A tranquil fluidity in all the episodes will seem more natural. The viewers should be comfortable watching every new episode and be given the impression that although several hours or days have elapsed, there is a link in the story. Writing a series is an enjoyable yet challenging project which permits writers to utilize their creativity to craft something for the masses to watch.


Star Trek – The Original Series – Movies


Gene Roddenberry (August 19, 1921 – October 24, 1991) was an extraordinary screenwriter and producer. Best know for his creation of Star Trek, he has had a great influence on modern day pop-culture and has spawned a whole universe full of followers (or Trekkies). His influence on Sci-Fi cannot really be measured, but he will go down in History as the creator of one of the most successful franchises in history – he also goes down in history as one of the first people to be ‘buried’ in space.

In September 1966 a new series debuted on American TV. Soon to be billed ‘The Original Series’ or ‘TOS’ the shows featured a five year mission of a starship. The Enterprise would become one of the most well known names in sci-fi history.

The award winning show featured a stellar cast; not only that, it bordered on controversial because of the diversity of races and color, and the inclusion of a female in a command position.

Star Trek never strayed from important political issues; constantly courting controversy it produced several amazing episodes that presented unique arguments relating to many modern day problems. In one famous episode, where half an alien race was black on one side of the face and white on the other side of the face, and a minority had the colors reverse, they cleverly tackled racism and commented on how fragile and irrelevant racism really is, and how simple genetics shouldn’t set us apart.

The whole Star Trek phenomenon has never really stopped. TOS spawned many movies and series – with 11 movies so far and several spin-off series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, Voyager etc., Star Trek has always been there, a part of TV history that will probably never go away.

Gene Roddenberry’s dream continues and will probably never die. 

Star Trek I: The Motion Picture

As we begin to watch the movie (note – it takes a good 20 to 30 minutes before we even begin to see any plot) the plot is very contrite and doesn’t seem to hold any of the qualities that Rodenberry is famous for. As you hear about an alien vessel that is moving towards Earth destroying all in its path, you somehow feel that the movie is going to be less ‘human’ than the series and perhaps a lot more abstract. Of course, Captain Kirk (William Shatner) is the Captain of the trusty Enterprise, and his mission should he choose to accept it (What? That’s a different sci-fi series?!) is to intercept the alien ship and try and stop it before it gets to Earth – it’s obviously a very simplistic plot and this highlights the fact that the director seems more intent on showcasing his skills with scenery and special effects rather than his skills at film-making.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

I was quite surprised and pleased by the clever tie-in to the series. Having revisited the series after the first movie, I was intrigued to find out that the movie was a follow up to one of the better episodes in which Captain Kirk had exiled Khan Singh and his followers to an unpopulated world – Khan and his followers were genetically improved humans who had taken over part of the Earth in the 1990s.

Khan, quite perturbed with the Captain, manages to capture his own space ship and seek revenge on Kirk. Now on this ship is a device that is used to terra-form worlds and make them ‘earth’ like. This Genesis Device is very powerful and as such is very dangerous as the power it holds can be used to destroy as well as create. To complicate things further, Krik meets up with his ex-lover and his son he barely knows….

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

As the title suggests (and also assuming that you watched the very good ‘The Wrath of Khan’), the third movie concentrates on bringing back perhaps one of the most important characters of the series- whether they intentionally ended the second movie in the way they did to set up a third movie isn’t quite clear – but in my eyes it was a mistake that meant that a movie that really didn’t advance the series had to be made. While in some cases it works to have movies continue on, and have plot elements and characters continue to build at you watch multiple movies (The Matrix, Star Wars being good examples) it doesn’t seem to work well in this case – the movie is too arbitrary, and doesn’t really add anything to the previous movie – in fact it really sets out to destroy much of the previous movie’s accomplishments.

Star Trek IV: The Journey Home

Finally I get to say Captain Kirk again – it always disappointed me that Kirk had been promoted to Admiral, so I was perhaps one of the happiest men in the audience as we found Admiral Kirk being demoted to Captain after stealing the Enterprise to search for Spock in the movie Search for Spock (bet you never guessed that eh!).

However, before facing the charges there just happens to be a strange and potentially dangerous alien probe that is orbiting the earth, seemingly threatening the very existence of the Federations home world. Luckily for the crew, they have the trustworthy Spock onboard and he assists the Admiral (captain or whatever!) in realizing that the probe is awaiting an answer from Earth – the only problem is that the species it’s trying to talk to is long extinct. Spock to the rescue again as the intrepid crew travel back in time to the 1980s to seek out the extinct species, of course, the minute they land on ‘old’ earth they are unable to leave due to lack of fuel, and thus not only do they have to find an additional fuel source, but they also have to find the mysterious species.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Sybock, Spock’s half brother hijacks the Enterprise and forces the crew to travel to a planet that is surrounded by a strange barrier. Sybock is not your normal Vulcan. He’s abandoned the normal tenet of the Vulcan culture, thrown away the control of emotions and use of logic, and embraced unconventional Vulcan beliefs and embraced his emotional side (it should be noted that there are a few Vulcan’s who have done this, but this is not widely known – additionally, it is believe that the Romulans are distant cousings to the Vulcan’s and they also are more open to emotions). With his overly illogical mind, Sybock believes that God can be found at the planet and Sybock intends to find out answers to the questions pertaining to life Now if only he’d read Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy and he’d know the answer is simply 42!

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

As the last movie to be fully set in the TOS world, it marks the end of an era. The next movie, Generations, features some of the TOS cast, but really is a transitional movie. For many this is a sad ending for the classic series, signifying perhaps the start of the end for the franchise as a whole. I note that as I write this there is a new movie in production – but whether this will save the franchise or simply bury it further is unknown.

As the movie beings and we see an older crew inhabits the world, one which is perhaps nobler and less innocent than the heady beginnings they came from; we still see and feel the camaraderie between the major characters. It’s this camaraderie that makes the series work so well and makes the movies so enjoyable.

The plot for once is quite a good one, and goes a long way in answering some of the unanswered questions from TOS. As one of the moons around the Kilingon’s home world explodes due to an accident, the turbulent and dangerous enemy of the Federation seeks peace as they realize that the Klingon society will not survive without help as their home world will become uninhabitable.

As the Federation and Klingon nations are enemies and have generally battled each other throughout the ages, there is little trust and any negotiations are entered into with caution and distrust. The proud Klingons are already in trouble, with the Federation slowly gaining dominance in the war, and this act of seeking peace not only is surprising to the Federation, but is also seen by many Klingon’s as a sign of weakness and a foolish act.


Tag Carrera


The Tag Carrera series of watches has become synonymously known as a sporting timepiece, linked irreversibly with the Panamericana Road Race, an exciting motoring event which traversed the roads of Mexico in the 1960’s, bringing danger as well as excitement into the mix.

The aesthetics of these luxury watches are absolutely classic in style and technical design with the distinctly modern feel of automotive engineering.

Clearly linked to sports of all kinds because of its precise time-keeping abilities, the Tag Carrera has been known to be the watch of choice of many a sporting professional. However, the Tag Heuer Grand Carrera series having been specifically inspired by the Panamericana Road Race in Mexico obviously holds a firm place in racing and motor sport fans hearts.

The Tag Heuer Grand Carrera series was originally launched in 1964 and was inspired by the GT Coupe car engine as can be witnessed by its rotating system which enables its wearers to read the small seconds, plus a second chronograph time easily and effortlessly. In a nutshell, the Tag Heuer Grand Carrera series provides its wearer with ‘precision timing at a glance’.

For the watch connoisseur and sporting enthusiast Tag Carrera tops the list of fine Swiss luxury watches. It is not only functional, but also lends to the wearer certain panache. The masculine man with a sense of style and strength will almost undoubtedly select this as his number one time-piece. Suitable for both formal and informal occasions the Tag Carrera is at home in a pair of shorts and flip-flops as well as along with a tuxedo at a black tie event. This is the one piece of jewellery that is both useful and elegant. You will only need the one as it will last you a lifetime, but most Tag Heuer owners can never settle for just the one!

Men with a mechanical eye for detail will thrill at being able to view the inner workings of this precision watch. Along with its elegant strong lines and minute attention to detail it is or at least should be your first choice when it comes to selecting fine watches.


Special Effects in the Harry Potter Film Series


The Harry Potter series of movies is one of the longest running and costliest franchisees of all the Hollywood productions, surpassing even the likes of Pirates of the Caribbean as well the highly popular X-Men and Spider-Man franchisees and most of its huge budget was devoted to create the high quality special effects as well as the visual brilliance that can be seen in the six movies of this series that have so far been released. The six films as well as the last one which is on the shooting floor right now have been made at the staggeringly high budget of $1,280,000,000 and have raked in over $5,471,096,705 in their gross revenues.

Almost 75% of the movie is made with the help of special effects and these visuals are so brilliant that even the most experienced person will find it difficult to differentiate between the actual scenes and the ones that have been created using modern day technology. And mind it, the Harry Potter movies are one of the most scrutinized movies of all time and all of them have had great reviews about the special effects that have been used in the movies. This is great compliment considering the fact that it had to fight off the likes of Pirates of the Caribbean as well as other popular movies to get that kind of review and it is a great testimony to the special effects team that worked behind the scenes to get the movie done.

The scenes of the great hall inside of Hogwarts, the flying food, the bridge, the entrance to the platform as well as the flying letters and even Hogwarts itself are works of the special effects team and unless you are very thorough with your viewing, you will definitely not be able to differentiate between the real things and the computer generated ones.

When Harry Potter uses the broom to fly while playing the game of Quidditch is perhaps the best example of good a special effect the movies in this series has and moreover, the consistency that is shown in all the six movies so far is highly commendable. There are so many other great examples of brilliant special effects work that can cited here but it is not necessary, because once you watch the movies, you will understand what kind of visionary brilliance I am talking about and you will love that.


Citizen Watches – Luxury Watches For the Perfectionist


Citizen Watches is a Japanese company with a 70 year-old heritage. The watch company sells worldwide in more than 150 countries. The company came out with its first pocket watch in 1924 and since then there has been no looking back. It is one of the world’s largest producers of watches. Today, the company enjoys a global position.

The motivating factors for the company are quality, innovation and perfection ever since the time of inception. And these qualities have kept the brand in the top-slot of the watch industry. The company delivers what it promises and so their efforts to stay at number one continue to fetch them the desired result.

The watch company has been instrumental in giving to the world some of the perfectly engineered watches. The worlds most precise analog quartz watch, the worlds most advanced radio controlled watch and the worlds thinnest light powered watch are all from this amazing brand. They had the first voice recognition watch. Citizen also holds credit for making the first professional diving watch. This watch was not only waterproof but featured an electronic depth sensor. They are also the first company to create the world’s slimmest LCD.

The company is popularly known for its Eco-Drive series of watches. As the name suggests these watches are eco-friendly. The first Eco-Drive watches were sold in 1995. The watch functions with the help of a battery which is recharged by a solar panel. This battery is seated under the watch face. All Citizen Eco-Drive models are made in Japan but may also be assembled in China.

For the men the popular Eco-Drive series are The Calendrier, The theme of the design is the fusion of space and time. There is the Perpetual Calendar Series. It is a work of genius. The Citizen Perpetual Calendar features a perpetual calendar and many more exciting features.

For the women category the popular Eco-Drive watches are Diamond Series and Crystal Series. The Crystal Series are made of stainless steel and have sparkling Swarovski crystals on its case and bracelet and a rectangular face with a mother of pearl dial.

In 2008, Citizen Watch Company Limited launched the Eco-Drive Chronograph watches that can measure time to 1/1000sec. These watches are for keeps-sake and also make the perfect present on formal and informal occasions. For the people who believe in perfection, a watch from this designer brand will definitely match up with your style.


Writing a Television Series


Special skills are required for writing a television series. A periodically reoccurring broadcast of a television program is known as a television series. A finite number of episodes of 12 – 26 episodes can be called a miniseries in the United States. People get addicted to   watching   series  since they are each one incessant story told over several episodes, and they are eager to learn what comes in the next episode. A longer running season is preferred in the US. The duration of a single episode varies from one hour to half an hour, with breaks for commercials. Every fresh episode usually begins with ‘previously on…,” an introduction prior to the teaser of the following episode. The stories of the season are usually wholesome tales that families can watch together comfortably. Writing a series is an art that needs special form of handling and is not for everyone. A few of the tips to set you on the path of writing a television series are:

• Develop a central plot of the story, which you can elaborate upon later on. Write down the premise in a few sentences, which will serve as broad guidelines. Have clarity about the duration of each episode – 60 or 30 minutes.

• After having discussed with the network, ascertain over how many episodes the show is to run for and whether it is to be aired daily or weekly. Knowledge of the time of the day it will be broadcast will also help.

• Study the stipulated requirements of the network for which you are writing the television series. Ask for the format, style and general strategies your script should follow so the cast and crew face no difficulty during the actual shooting. Your script should offer a common platform of understanding among all who are involved in the production.

• Equipped with complete information, proceed to break up your intended story into individual episodes. Remember to make allowances for commercial breaks in between according to the rules of the network.

• While writing a television series, keep in mind that even though the story is aired in fragments, it should seem continuous. Each should have a beginning, middle and an end.

• Introduce the characters one by one to whet the interest of the viewers.

• Begin each episode with a teaser. End it with a cliffhanger so that the viewers are curious to know what will happen in the episode and turn on their TV sets when your show is to be aired.

• Ideally, there should be a cliffhanger just before the commercial break so that the viewers do not switch to other channels during.

Writing a television series can be an enjoyable project since you get feedback almost instantly about how well the audience likes it. Your task does not end with handing over the script to the network. You will be expected to perform an array of jobs involved with the production depending upon the norms of the network. A screenwriter for hire can help tremendously.