A New TV Series – 3 Reasons Why They’re Addicting


A new TV series on popular television listings and networks have become increasingly addicting in the past few years. Many of these shows captivate target audiences by telling them stories of a life that viewers admire. These shows also show their addicting side by displaying a vibrant world economic be depicted on modern television.

Some shows like Weeds, portray a practical scenario where a mother has to sell marijuana in order to support for her family. Another hit series such as Dexter, is a great way to demonstrate cinematic vibrance by portraying a serial killer in a sunny, upbeat, Miami scenario. These shows display why there are so many viewers at any given time when the shows are airing live.

The top 3 reasons people become addicted to a new TV series can be described in the following.

1) The Cliffhangers.

The cliffhangers that these shows have to offer leads the TV show viewer in constant suspense. Whether it is a killer about to kill someone, or a relationship gone bad, one hour can pass by before you know it, and before the viewer knows it, they have to wait one week for the continuation of the series.

2) Modern TV technology.

With the advent of better special effects, video editing, and sound editing, TV shows are becoming more popular because the audience is more engaged. When attention to detail is carefully looked after with modern technology, the two can work in harmony with one another to further engage the viewer. Clouds look more fluffy, wind sounds more whispering, and skin tones look much more accurate than ever before. If you enhance this with high-definition, this is a viewing experience made in heaven.

3) Character development.

When   watching  a popular TV  series  through all its seasons, audiences become addicted to the character. As viewers have spent so much time with the TV show, the consequently become attached to their favorite characters. This is because the involvement and continuation of  watching  your favorite TV  series  is a relationship of sorts. You to learn, understand, and appreciate all the subtle mannerisms of the character and all the experiences you share with them.

One can see how today’s modern TV technology coupled with character development and the ability to write a good story can captivate audiences. These audiences will eventually become more involved, and will be more likely to engage the DVD box set, collectors editions and create subscriptions that update viewers on when a new season of their favorite TV series has been released.