Sport Watches For Men – Luminox Black Ops 8401 – Review


Luminox has become widely known when it comes to developing the best in special ops watches. The Luminox Black Ops 8401 is a newer addition to their special ops watch series, and is a very cool, yet casual seals watch to have.

Each Luminox Navy Seals Special Ops Watch is field tested by the seals themselves. That is the reason why these unique watches are extremely durable, reliable and rugged enough to withstand the abuse when its time to go out in the field.

Like all Luminox wrist watches, the Black Ops 8401 is a Swiss-made dive watch, making it not only durable and long lasting, but a very stylish and everyday casual watch to wear.

The face on the 8401 is a tad bit large and the rubber wrist band is quite long. The reason for this is for visibility and if needed to wrap around your wrist if you have to wear a wet suit. If that is not of any importance, then this would be a very comfortable seals watch to wear.

The special titanium illumination system that is a trademark of Luminox is what makes these watches so special. Unlike the painted versions on other watches. You can see the face extremely clear in an area with very little to no light.

There is a manufacturers warranty of up to two years on all Luminox watches and an amazing ten year manufacturers warranty on the Luminox illumination system.

These watches are water resistant for up to 200 meters.