Watch a Mets Game Live


Watching baseball is a site in and of itself. It is America’s pastime and it has been in the forefront of being the most popular sport of all major sports. It is one thing to watch a game on television, but it is another to watch it live. Every year, the New York Mets play the New York Yankees in what is called the Subway Series. This is one of the most heated rivalries in all of baseball. The whole state of New York is on the line when those two teams meet. ESPN, Fox Sports or any other sports channel that you see or read can hype it up as much as they want, but until you’re there by yourself, it is a different story.

For the better half of three years, the New York Mets have been on the verge of being great. Signing quality free agents and building the team through the farm system has been their mode of operation for quite some time. New York Mets baseball tickets are constantly on sale either as a regular ticket or season ticket. Often when one associates baseball in New York, they associate it with the New York Yankees. For years, the New York Mets have been in mediocrity, but in recent years, they have made a push to be the team in New York.

Watch Carlos Beltran, John Maine, Francisco Rodriguez, and David Wright try to with the NL East and make their way to the pennant. In the 2000 season, the Subway Series ended being the World Series. The Yankees swept the Mets and now they are out on a mission of redemption. They’ve already played a series this season, but you never know what other fireworks between the two you’ll see.